Lovecraft Legacies: In the Kingdom of the Blind

March 17-19, 2017

March, 1921. No one generally comes to this area of British Columbia unless they’re traveling through. The region is remote, and the miles between towns, farms, and even trapper’s huts are increasingly expansive as your bus heads west. You’ve watched out the window, impressed, and maybe even a little frightened, by the tremendous sense of isolation that’s been rising as the city of Edmonton faded behind you. If anything were to happen to your bus, it would be days to walk anywhere that might offer help.

Deep in this remote Canadian wilderness, a reclusive family and their followers prepare for the Vernal equinox. Their community is excited that they will finally achieve the fruition of their grand patriarch’s work, even if he didn’t live to see it himself. But dark secrets lurk at the roots of even the most wholesome tree, and something ancient stirs, knowing that the stars are nearly right.

Something brought you this way – it may have been work, a personal goal, or even the preparation for a lovely holiday in the towns of Victoria or Vancouver. The truth might be something darker, however. It may be fate that brought you here, or a malevolent, alien will. When the time comes, who, if anyone, will live to regret the moment when the truth they were blinded to becomes shockingly clear?

OOG INFORMATION: Ye Olde Commons invites you to survive the horror of a Lovecraftian scenario set in the wilds of Canada in the early 20th century. Play as an earnest student, a mystery-loving professor, a hopeful treasure hunter, a curious traveler, or an innocent bystander swept into events that threaten the sanity and survival of all mankind.